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Handcrafted Ethical Designs

Handmade sustainable apparel, accessories, home decor and wall art made from
eco-friendly, upcycled, recycled,
and renewable materials.


Textile Artist-Denise Doerksen

My love of textiles probably began with making a macrame belt in summer camp. Nothing could have been better for me than to get hooked on making funky things to wear from natural fibres in the northern woods of Minnesota. Fortunately it was the 70's and I got the chance to take a lot of sewing and art classes, 

where I could make hippy clothing for myself and learn to weave on an enormous floor loom. Over the years I have continuously picked up more skills, adding spinning and knitting to my repertoire. As I have done so I have become aware of the necessity of working with sustainable fibres in an eco-friendly way. So, I source out and gather into my studio yarns and fibres that are not synthetic or processed in a way that is harmful to the earth and the people who work with them. I also scoop up materials from thriftstores and textile industry waste ends to add to the mix and make my studio overbrimming with the fantastic textures, smells, and colours of linen, organic cotton, silk, wool, alpaca, mohair, and more!

The natural environment of the lakes and forests of Minnesota, the vast prairies and open skies of Saskatchewan, and the mountains and coastlines of British Columbia are my inspiration for beauty-making in an ethical and sustainable way. I seek to find materials for my designs that haven't travelled too far to get to my studio and have done good to the people and places that they have travelled from, to be in my studio and in my handiwork. I hope that these one of a kind ethical designs move you to an appreciation of the arts of hand-spinning, knitting and weaving.

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